What To Do After 12th?

What To Do After 12th?

You’ll be completing your elementary education shortly and will look forward for graduation. In India there are several colleges/universities for graduation and the term “university” evokes a variety of passions. So, analyzing career options after completing 12th, the major difficulty is about information that one should have about universities as well as which course can be chosen among the vast variety of courses after 12th which will add a value to our career prospect. Career Guidance after 12th is extremely beneficial, and you may get assistance from our career specialists / career counselling expert who actually have gone into researches just to provide authentic knowledge to class 12th students.

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Get a comprehensive list of courses available after the 12th  grade in each stream. If you have a science stream with PCM, you can pursue higher education in a variety of professional and educational fields such as engineering, architecture, designing, information technology, and pure science degrees in physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, and many other options. If you have a science stream with PCB, you can pursue MBBS / BAMS / B.Sc. or M.Sc. in allied medical professions such as dentistry, Ayurveda, veterinary medicine, and so on. There are several fascinating alternatives in biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, and pure sciences such as botany, zoology, and biological research.  BBA, BMS, BFIA, B.Com, LLB, Economics Hons, or BBE are some degrees which are available after completing your 12th  in commerce, or you may refine your talents in the commerce industry. After 12th , if you have studied humanities, you can pursue a BA in any of the subject or can also choose professional courses.
  1. APPEAR FOR Entrance Examinations.

Depending on your stream, you will be eligible for entrance-exams-after-12th .  The majority of courses are in high demand for prestigious colleges recognize students through entrance examinations. For e.g. If you want to join the armed forces, you have to appear for examinations such as NDA.

We often choose certain stream only to leave our options open after the 12th  grade. This is the time to make that choice and choose from various career options available. You can change your course and job options based on your aptitudes and interests. Colleges in India allow some moves, however there are some limitations. It is feasible to move from science to commerce, but not from commerce to science. There are other topic-related limits, such as the requirement for Mathematics as a subject in class 12th if you want to pursue Economics Hons in graduation. So, ideally, one should investigate the institution and course and thoroughly examine the qualifying criteria in order to make the precise choice at that moment.

There are several professional courses available after 12th grade, and most admissions are made through entrance-exams-after 12th. Preparation for certain courses, such as engineering and medical, should begin immediately after 12th.  Beside from engineering and medical, there are various professional degrees available such as Law, Management, Hotel Management, Design, Mass Communication, and Journalism, etc. Most of these degrees would provide good employment opportunities; thus, one should select the course that suits best to one’s strengths.

Admissions are competitive, whether for professional or other courses; there are few places and a large number of applicants. So, even if you are the finest and most qualified for that degree, admittance is not assured. In such scenario, a qualified and career counselor comes into play, which can assist you explore various Professional Options that suit your skill profile or will teach you other ways to achieve your career goals. For example, if you want to be a journalist but are unable to attend a BA journalism course, you can still pursue a related degree and then enroll in a journalism course as part of your PG programmed. In the same way, you must define your goals and achieve your career objectives. So, what is the best way to pick what to do after the 12th grade? THE PRECISE WAY TO FIND OUT WHAT TO DO AFTER 12th

The right method to decide what to do after 12th is as follows: 

Conduct a Psychometric Assessment to identify your True Talents. You see, as a student, you have completed examinations and evaluations that map your learning in numerous courses that are part of the conventional curriculum up until class 12th. However, in the 12th grade, topics become considerably more specialized, and an in-depth grasp is necessary to pass them. This necessitates the existence of the RIGHT APTITUDES in a person, because the presence of specific APTITUDES facilitates learning or performing a task or activity. You may believe that you took an aptitude test when you were in 10th grade (some schools do conduct an Aptitude Test). BUT AN APTITUDE TEST ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH. A good Career Assessment not only helps you map your innate aptitudes, but also your personality traits and interest profile.   One of the leading pioneers in providing best career counseling after 12th. Career Gurukul is not merely about developing cognitive skills like reading, writing and passing examination. It also takes care of non-scholastic aspects, such as development of values, moral character, habits, manners and behavioral patterns. A student being delicate and naive, needs proper mentoring and guidance while choosing the right career path. Career Gurukul is a step towards nurturing talent, enhancing students learning and providing excellence in whatever they may opt for. Not only are this, Value Education, Personality Development and Social & Environmental Awareness also considered as very important areas of education. Career counselling provides better understanding and clarity about the career that lead to time management, cost effectiveness and easy decision making for students. A counselor not only helps the student to find out the most suitable career option but also provide a detail execution plan. Career Gurukul, one of the best career counseling institutes came in existence in 2017. We are the test prep institute who teaches students for entrance exam preparation. You can contact us anytime for any guidance required related to your career. We will be glad to help you in future. Our best career counsellors highlight your academic performances, achievements, aims, and interests in the right manner. Moreover, they will ensure you to be selected by the University. Call us today on +91-9810834908  

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