Importance Of Career Counselling

Importance Of Career Counselling

Importance Of Career Counselling

Career counselling is nothing more than assisting people in making their own decisions to build, change, or enhance their careers in order to have a bright future. In a country like India, career counselling is a broad field. It holds sessions for people who want to pursue a career after the 12th grade. Then there are those who are looking for work. The career guidance brings out the student’s ability and skill in what he wants to become in the future. Counseling’s main goal is to motivate students to pursue higher-level goals. It shapes students to make the right decisions and removes the fear about their careers.

People are constantly losing hope to survive on this planet in today’s extremely competitive world, due to various reasons such as large population, tough competitions, and various difficulties that children face, but gradually students are realizing that they want to pursue a career in which they are passionate about. However, most students are unable to identify this passion, and for that reason, the most dependable way to find out their career passion, Career counselling, holds enormous significance in the student’s life, which can simply turn the scenario upside down for them.
The end of schooling or junior college is marked by the 12th grade, and thus the start of a lifelong hustle. The stress of deciding on the right degree, college, and city, academic or financial challenges, and so on. As a result, seeking advice from a certified career counsellor can help you advance in your career.

The article will highlight the eight most important points about career counselling for 12th grade students.

Decision-Making Year

The most crucial year of a student’s life after one has selected their stream in class 10 is class 12. Career guidance can potentially help in making a career decision after you leave your school. As life takes a complete turn and things don’t remain the same after school, consulting before any move you take is always a safer option.


Job prospects for young people are expanding on a daily basis. Job opportunities are also becoming scarce. In such instances, students desire to obtain higher degrees in order to secure placements and employment. Certifications are crucial components for persons who want to raise the level of their primary degree. The organization works with people who have distinct talents and a high level of understanding in the area that they are studying. Career counsellors assess people’s strengths and weaknesses. They advise students on how to begin and succeed in their careers. Career counsellors offer a welcoming environment in which students may readily engage. As a result, their friendship grows stronger.


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Choosing A Career

We all understand the value of a job, therefore making a decision that could jeopardise one’s future is not something anyone wants to do. Most students are unsure about which degree to pursue, and owing to a lack of thorough knowledge, they are often oblivious of numerous trending possibilities around them. A career counsellor can assist them in matching their interests with a suitable educational degree.

Assists in the Elimination of Confusions

If a person is unsure about which job route to choose, a career counsellor may be the best option to consider. A career counsellor will assess you using Psychometric Tests, i.e., they will recommend which job option best matches your set of  capabilities and interests. In class 12th, they will inform you of all conceivable job choices that match your personality and selected stream. Many of us are not insane, but we are stuck between two divergent job paths. Career counselling may also help to clear up any confusions and provide the best options for you.

Aids in avoiding peer or societal pressure

Peer pressure or societal pressure, which stays unspoken, is a fairly prevalent phenomena that most students experience. Peer pressure might drive you to make job decisions that are not always the best ones for you. Students may also suffer some type of Societal Pressure, either from their family or relatives and can end up picking the wrong job choice for them. In these cases, a career counsellor may assist you in dealing with all of these demands and placing you on the proper course.

Understanding a Better Version of Yourself

Knowing oneself becomes essential as each kid prepares to enter a radically new environment following class 12. Knowing oneself entails understanding your areas of interest as well as your talents and shortcomings. Various psychometric tests are available and are administered by career counsellors to provide a clear image of a person’s psychometrics. Knowing yourself will put you one step ahead of others at every stage of your life.

Opens The Door For New Opportunity

Many of us are uninformed of the upcoming job options in all major streams, which are well known to all expert career counsellors, and hence selecting for a career counselling session will never be pointless, even for those who feel they are confident in their stream. Knowing the current opportunities in their field will not only serve as an alternative, but will also provide a concise overview of market trends and the value of their degree.

Choosing A College Or A University

Choosing a college or university may be difficult. With each passing day, a new institution is formed, and with diverse regulatory organization, the rankings of individual colleges fluctuate dramatically. As a result, a career counsellor may assist you by recommending the finest and most viable institution based on your degree and city preference. They may also be able to assist you by offering a few pointers and tactics for the entrance examinations or interview rounds required to get admission to your desired college. To minimise any mishaps, it is recommended that you get career counselling before committing to a college.

Five Years Down The Future

Five years down the future is an important truth that should be considered by everyone. One must select a degree that will have the same value in the near future. A career counsellor might be very helpful in resolving all of your comparable concerns. They may also inform you about future market demands and what occupations your degree will qualify you for once completed. All of these elements will so influence your professional path and financial stability. As a result, career counselling may be the safest option before making a future-related decision.


One of the leading pioneers in providing best career counselling after 12th. Career Gurukul is not merely about developing cognitive skills like reading, writing and passing examination. It also takes care of non-scholastic aspects, such as development of values, moral character, habits, manners and behavioral patterns. A student being delicate and naive, needs proper mentoring and guidance while choosing the right career path.

Career Gurukul is a step towards nurturing talent, enhancing students learning and providing excellence in whatever they may opt for. Not only are this, Value Education, Personality Development and Social & Environmental Awareness also considered as very important areas of education. Career counselling provides better understanding and clarity about the career that lead to time management, cost effectiveness and easy decision making for students. A counsellor not only helps the student to find out the most suitable career option but also provide a detail execution plan.

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