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Things to Consider when choosing s career option

Self Assessment

Self-assessment reflecting on your everyday activities and ideas to gain an understanding of your strengths, preferences and personality. It can be as formal as taking a personality or interest inventory, or as informal as taking to friends and family about your works and life experiences , and what you like doing .You might also want to draw on a mentor , career counselor or other advisor as you work through what you discover and put your knowledge into action.

Your Skills

Employability skills are the non-technical skills and knowledge you need to get a job. (They are also known as generic skills, capabilities, enabling skills or key competencies.) They include skills like communication ,self-management , problem solving and teamwork .There are lots of ways to develop employability skills . You can look for opportunities at school ,in the community, at work,and through hobbies and sport


Interests are things that you enjoy doing. Identifying your interests can help you define the ideas and pursuits that engage you, and are likely to be important in satisfying work .Being aware of your interests can also help you to identify industries or sectors that appeal to you . For example ,if you spend your free time designing and making things it would make sense to explore creative fields that use these interests and natural talents .Not everyone choose careers that are aligned with their interests though-some people prefer to balance paid works with the pursuit of other interests in their spare time.


Our values effect every aspect of our lives. In our careers, they determine the work situations we prefer and find meaningful. We’re unlikely to be satisfied or motivated to stay in a job (or career) for a long time if it's not aligned with our values . Values can be defined as principles or qualities that are important to us .Some of our values ,around things such as love ,beauty or religion are not normally related to work .Others,such as security ,prestige ,power and helping others, are vital in determining a fulilling career path .Of course ,values change .The values you hold as a new graduate may not be the same as those you will have in 18 years .As a result ,our jobs and sometimes our careers - change too.

Career EXploration

It is difficult, if not impossible, to make a rational decision or to evaluate and consider specific careers without an accurate information base. Career information gathering is an integral step in the process of career planning. Initially ,you wil need to generate a list of careers which you may want to consider .There are thousands career fields .Most students admit they have limited knowledge about careers and find it difficult to list or describe more than 40 .Sources of careers alternatives include the result of computer assessments such as My Plan ,paper and pencil assessments , career publications and suggestions from other people such as faculty and staff , parents and friends .Don't forget to take into account those careers you are merely curious about exploring.After developing the list, you will need to briefly research each career alternative and judge which of these seem potentially suitable for future employment .Determinre for each typical on-the -job duties , qualifications,outlook ,salary,methods of entry, etc

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