CLAT Preparation tips

CLAT Preparation tips

Ace CLAT with Confidence: CLAT Entrance Exam Preparation Tips

The law profession is revered and sought after by many aspiring students. One of the primary gateways to the world of law in India is through the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) and the All India Law Entrance Test (AILET). Securing a good rank in these tests is crucial for securing a seat in one of the premier law colleges. If you’re one of those ambitious students aiming for a law degree, then this article is tailor-made for you. Below, we’ll delve deep into effective exam tips for CLAT preparation and provide you with valuable CLAT preparation tips.

Understanding the Examination Pattern:

Before diving into the depths of preparation, it’s essential to understand the exam pattern. Both CLAT and AILET have their unique structures, yet they test the basic foundation of legal aptitude, logical reasoning, English, current affairs, and mathematics.

Dedicated Study Schedule:

The first step towards acing CLAT is to create a dedicated study schedule. Consistency is the key. Having a set routine ensures that you touch upon every subject and have ample time for revisions.

CLAT Preparation Tips for Each Subject:

  1. Legal Aptitude:
    • This section checks your interest towards law. The best way to prepare is to solve previous years’ question papers and understand the kind of legal propositions and situations presented.
    • Always remember, your general legal knowledge isn’t being tested; it’s your ability to comprehend and deduce from the given information.
  2. Logical Reasoning:
    • Practice is the key here. The more puzzles, analytical reasoning sets, and logical deductions you solve, the better you become.
    • Focus on improving speed without compromising on accuracy.
  3. English:
    • Develop a reading habit. Read newspapers, journals, and editorials daily.
    • Work on vocabulary and grammar. Regular practice of comprehension and sentence correction questions will also be beneficial.
  4. Current Affairs:
    • Stay updated with daily news, especially the legal developments.
    • Make notes of important events, both national and international. Monthly magazines dedicated to competitive exams can be a helpful resource.
  5. Mathematics:
    • Although this section has lesser weightage, don’t neglect it.
    • Brush up on your basic concepts and practice regularly. Work on speed mathematics and shortcuts.

Mock Tests and Self-Evaluation:

One of the most emphasized exam tips for CLAT preparation is to take mock tests. They give you a clear picture of where you stand. Analyze each mock test, understand your weak areas, and work on them. Remember, the idea is not just to solve but to solve correctly within the stipulated time.

Stay Updated but Don’t Overburdened:

While it’s essential to stay updated with any changes in the examination pattern or syllabus, ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed with the plethora of study materials available. Stick to recommended books and material. Quality matters over quantity.

Physical and Mental Well-being:

All work and no play can drain you. Ensure you take regular breaks during your study sessions. Engage in physical activities. Meditation and deep breathing exercises can help manage stress.

Last-Minute Tips:

  • Revise the topics you’re strong at.
  • Avoid cramming new topics; it may confuse you.
  • Stay calm. It’s essential to have a clear mind before the exam.
  • Ensure you have all the necessary documents and materials ready a day before the examination.

On the Day of the Exam:

  • Reach the examination center well in advance.
  • Stay calm and composed. Believe in your preparation.
  • Read each question carefully. If you’re unsure about a question, it’s better to skip it and return later rather than make a hasty incorrect choice.


Preparing for competitive exams like CLAT and AILET can be challenging, but with the right approach and mindset, success is achievable. Use these CLAT preparation tips to chart out your strategy. Remember, it’s not about the number of hours you put in but the quality of those hours. Stay dedicated, stay consistent, and with confidence, you will ace the CLAT!