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About Us

About Career Gurukul India

Welcome to Career Gurukul. One of the leading pioneers in providing Best Career Counselling After 12th and comprehensive Entrance Exam Preparation, ensuring your path to success is illuminated. Career Gurukul is not merely about developing cognitive skills like reading, writing and passing examination. It also take care of non-scholastic aspects, such as development of values, moral character, habits, manners and behavioural patterns. A student being delicate and naive, needs proper mentoring and guidance while choosing the right career path. Career Gurukul is a step towards nurturing talent, enhancing students learning and providing excellence in whatever they may opt for. Not only this, Value Education, Personality Development and Social & Environmental Awareness are also considered as very important areas of education.

Career counselling provides a better understanding and clarity about the career that lead to time management, cost-effectiveness and easy decision-making for students. A counsellor not only helps the student to find out the most suitable career option but also provides a detail execution plan. Career Gurukul, one of the Best Career Counselling Institutes and Entrance Exam Preparation Institute came in existence in 2017.

Why Choose Us

Career Gurukul India is a trusted podium offering Career Counselling for Undergraduate entrance exam preparation¬†with 100% assurance. Most career counselling centers are in a practice of using aptitude tests as the evaluation of one’s capabilities and suggest courses based on this only, but it included lot of subjectivity. Career Gurukul digs deeper into understanding every student’s unique natural potential, which is identified using the three major factors — personality, career interests, and aptitude. We believe that one way to help students in choosing the right career is by identifying the core strength. We offer a complete career assessment report which contains career match and personal development plans. It enables us to make appropriate career recommendations that are best suited for the student.